You & Time

Karen-Wallace-Icons-05Right your relationship with Time, for good

The world doesn’t need yet another agenda or time management system.

I certainly don’t.

I’ve tried so many. I’m guessing you have too.

If, however, you’re still looking for a way to ‘manage’ your time, or squeeze just a few more minutes into your day…

…then please let me invite you to take a gander at the flip side.

You’ve looked into this.
Worked on this.
Read books on this.
Made resolutions about this.
You have all the skills.
You have all the tools.

And yet you’re still not feeling in right relationship with Time.

So what gives?

It’s not you.


What I’ve discovered, in my adventures with Time, is that we’ve separated the Yang (systems, agendas, scheduling, tick boxes and getting things done…) from the Yin of time.

The way our society organises time – and most of the ‘time management’ resources available – is Yang: linear and rational, structured and outwardly focused.

To be in balance, ancient Chinese wisdom invites us to utilise both Yang and Yin. The active and receptive elements of human behaviour. We’ve been handling time from a Yang perspective for so long, we’re exhausted and feel like there will never be enough to get everything done.

There’s another way to approach time, a more fluid and flexible way. The Yin way. When you bring the right side of your brain into your relationship with time, you invite creativity, flow, receptivity, and abstract reasoning to balance and compliment the Yang methods you already know.

What we think is a management issue is a perspective issue. A thinking issue. A relationship issue.

How’s your relationship to time?

Maybe you don’t actually need to do anything differently at all.

Maybe it’s about the stories you’re telling yourself about Time and the current ways you are feeling about what you’ve done with Time.

I feeling like so much energy is getting lost in worrying about time and what is or isn’t being done that I could probably be getting a whole other thing off my list if I hadn’t expended that energy worrying about what was being checked off… -M

Sound familiar?

Stop sitting in judgement of your time management skills. You’re doing your best.

I’d love to help you reframe your relationship with time

away from punishing

and towards tenderness and nurture, respect and appreciation.

Reframe it into a relationship that works, more of the time.

Even on the most time-pressed days. Especially then.

On the note of time: I’ve started following my time containers, and have been getting a LOT more done. But more than that feeling MUCH more at ease with the time I have and what is and isn’t getting done.

I was thinking about this today… that it wasn’t a sudden change, and in fact I didn’t integrate new tools, I simply found myself more easily coming back to the tools that I knew worked and were important for me. -MP

You & Time helps you to shift how you engage with each day.

How it works:

  • You and me, one hour together (by phone).

New perspective and insight into the ways you think about time in your life. Because you’re time crunched. You don’t have time for another course. I get that. One hour at a convenient time could be all it takes.

  • A personal Energy Clearing.

Energy Clearing means to swoosh away any energy that’s gotten stuck. Stuckness that’s stopping energy and life (and time;) from flowing freely through you. Old patterns, other people’s stories, expectations and negativity, ungrounded fears, and resistance can all stop us from seeing our way clearly. I’ve been studying and practicing this system of Energy Clearing for over two years now, utilising the Chinese five elements system as a foundation. I use a pendulum to assist me with the work, and it works whether you’re in the room with me or on the other side of the planet. I’ve personally experienced its power. I’ve witnessed its power to change lives in my clients and classmates.

Completely painless, I clear while I talk you through what’s coming up and invite you deeper into calm and peace. Blockages shift. Past programming and old stories move on.

Once your energy is flowing clearly, moving forward will feel less full of effort and more full of ease. You’ll move ever closer to your right relationship with time.

  • After our session together, I’ll send you a gorgeous e-book.

Prompts and thoughts to gently rewire and reprogram your relationship with time. Dip in when you need a boost or make it part of your morning ritual. Time loves ritual.

  • I’ll also send you a recording of our call for you to re-listen and re-engage when you feel your relationship to time slipping…
  • Optional upon request: Each morning for 30 days, receive a note in your inbox. It’s like a devotional delivered one piece at a time, right when you need it.

You can feel ease about the hours in your day.

Imagine you, in harmony with time.

Change your mindset from not enough to always enough, and energetically clear out the old stories and stuck places.

Complete You & Time package         $270

Book your time now. It’s time.