the Salon


Living your someday life today

*a community experience*

When something terrible happens, we realise that the cliche really is true: we’re only promised today.

But then, when the dust settles, we slowly sink back into life and business…

…and we forget.


But truly, today is the only time you have. To start. To continue. To change the story you’re telling yourself about you.

Change doesn’t have to be overwhelming. More often than not, it’s not the sweeping dramatic change where you leave the man, sell the house, quit the job, and move to a mountaintop in Peru.

(No matter how romantic and inviting that sometimes seems!)

Change is the daily decisions. The moments of insight. The capturing of magic and the noticing of miracles.

Right now, right where you’re at.

Even in the midst of messiness and life’s tsunamis.

In my life and in my coaching practice, I’ve found that consistent reminders can help you stay the path. A gentle, early-morning nudge can frame the way you show up for your day.

A small nudge can make a big difference.

Each day adds up. Day upon day. Weeks into months. Years. As they roll on – and as they roll away, behind us – they make up the story that is our life.

Your one and only life.

You see, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference in the long run.

Which is why I’ve designed this experience to support you each day and to show you the way forward in even the smallest of ways.

Day upon day.
Heart to heart.
Gentle nudges.
Copious kindness.
Understanding for the dark places.
Joy for the light places.
And love. Because love is the greatest healer, the biggest incentive, the strongest power for good in this world.

As we journey together you’ll come to know that you have been free all along.

The Experience

  • A private gathering place* for women (all women) from around the world to connect, support, uplift, care, and celebrate.

gatherSpace. Because sometimes our theme for the month, and your reminders, will raise questions or prompt ideas and you’ll be eager to chat with someone who got it and gets it.

And sometimes you’ll have stuff going on and you need a safe, kind place to share those thoughts and experiences.

Connection. Because hearts that hear one another feel better and not so alone.

Me. Because I adore encouraging and watching you move forward with your life. Doing things you never thought possible before. I’ll be there – lovingly and consistently.

  • Monthly audios to listen to as often as you need. And unique workbooks on our monthly themes to deepen your experience.

Themes. Because having a theme increases our focus on particular points and issues in our life. Diving deep is how we absorb and learn the things we need to know.

Voice and written. Because listening helps you absorb ideas and feelings in a different way than reading does. In this experience, I aim to really light up your life by giving you opportunities to use as many senses as possible.

Relevant. Because I’ll be watching closely for what’s coming up collectively and individually. The material from me will delve into common themes coming up for the group. It’s amazing how this works.

  • Group Energy Clearings. I’m trained and skilled at doing Energy Clearing work to remove blocks that are stopping your progress.

Powerful. Because energy clearing works on a cellular level. It’s like clearing a blockage in a pipe so water can flow freely – only it works with your personal energy system.

Group. Because I’ve found that recording an Energy Clearing for a kindred group of women can powerfully remove stuck energy in your life. (And you can listen and get benefit over and over again.)

Individual. Because sometimes you just need some personal attention, I’ll open my schedule from time to time for personal energy clearing work.

*The space where we connect is a secret (and rather lovely) meeting place using Mightybell. You’ll be directed there when you join. You’ll find it simple, filled with ease, and refreshingly calm. With great deliberation I chose to not have this be a group on Facebook. Why? Because this experience is all about energy. Your energy, the energy of the group, the energy of the space. Indeed, our first month together the theme is Energy. Focused, positive, calm energy.




The Salon is a one year commitment. A daily, enduring but brief-and-not-overwhelming practice like this gives you the opportunity to build incremental new habits and shifts. It’s a compounding opportunity to live every day in a tiny new way and discover the power within you…

… and to leave that lost feeling behind you for good.

Deep and long-lasting change is something that happens slowly and steadily over time. That’s what this experience creates for you. Deep, slow, steady, long-lasting.


There’s no behind. There’s no catching up. The right time is the day you decide. Is today that day?

the Salon – annual membership: $325/year

Monthly payments:   $30/month*

Pay in either USD or AUD – your choice.

The doors of the Salon are now open to join our community of open-hearted women.

* Want to pay upfront? Let me know, we’ll do it.


Want deeper? More personal? Then please consider:

the Salon – enhanced membership: $500/quarter

Monthly payments:  $170/month

*pay in either USD or AUD – your choice.

An enhanced, personal Salon membership is a quarterly commitment. For you:

  • Full Salon membership
  • My eyes on your thoughts, your work – with insight, clarity, observations and added depth – offered weekly
  • You & me on the phone once a month for an hour, coaching, clarity, intuition – a sacred witness to your heart and soul
  • My radar – tuned into you consistently and lovingly

There are currently four places open for our first quarter together.

Need a 15 minute chat to see if we’re a fit? Absolutely! Book a Connection Call with me here.


If this feels wonderful AND you’d like more support and more 1:1 access to me, the Grace & Courage Personal Intensive might be for you. I am opening three places by application. Once those places are full, you can add yourself to the waitlist and I’ll let you know as soon as one opens up.



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