Loving Me Up

When we get down to it, you want to know what others think.

I get that. Here’s a smattering of the latest devotions:

As someone who thinks better out loud, there’s nothing more valuable to me than having someone truly listen to me. Lucky for me, I have Káren in my corner.

Káren is a master listener – calm, real, fully focused. She is also masterfully discerning, calling me on my stuff when I’m not being true to myself, and gently nudging me forward when I’m playing small. Most of all, Káren is deeply loving as she holds the space for me to bring to light what I know in my heart.

Simply put? I am able to be the best version of myself when I know she’s listening, and knowing what that feels like is a priceless gift I take with me into the rest of my life.

Miki DeVivo, The Lovely Now

Káren is my calm icon!

With my crazy busy life and buckets of stress, I just have to speak to Káren, read her work, or simply see her face to feel a sense of serenity immediately. Karen is creative and courageous. I always look forward to her next exciting idea which is inevitably more about others than herself.

I have grown hugely writing the Spiritual Space every month. It teaches me what I most need to learn.

Káren is a dear friend who will always make time for all her family and friends. She is nevertheless super aware of self care and somehow manages to juggle attention for herself and loved ones with calm aplomb!

Annie Hutton, Foundation Contributor to The Calm Space

As someone who has an endlessly trigger-happy anxiety switch, calm is a foreign concept to me, and possibly an eternally unachievable one. But that’s not to say that I don’t yearn to wind back some of the chaos that seems to happen because of that ever-active little switch.

So what I need from a coach is someone who will listen to what I say, accept the way I am, but be willing to work with me to change what I can change. To shift my thinking, to challenge my attitude, to question the beliefs I have about myself and to challenge my self-talk. I found that in Káren Wallace.

I wouldn’t want anyone to think that signing up to coach with Káren was comfortable. It will be serene, it definitely won’t be stressful, because that’s not Káren’s style. It feels safe, nurturing and accepting. There is wisdom to be shared by Káren and wisdom to be captured from you, and all of those things are going to make for a very positive outcome.

You won’t necessarily take the easy road, but you will be taking the right road. There is an intriguing mix between the sort of soothing style that she has, but there is no mistaking the hand in the velvet glove – it’s not going to let you step off the path, you’re going to be going somewhere. There’s a massive focus on gentleness, self-care and self-nurture, along with the primary driving force of action.

And there’s another surprise – when all Káren’s years of business experience come out. She never forgets ROI – your return on investment. So the time and money that you invest actually convert into new perspectives, new attitudes, monitored and accountable action and not just intangibles, but very different practical outcomes.

I felt released, liberated and journeyed with.

Chris Owen,  PinkApple

I was going around in circles with doubt growing, something I knew I could get rid of – but needed someone to help me shine the light to see the way out again.

Since my session with Káren, I have been focused and able to get stuck into things with a clear direction in mind.

One session with Káren and I was encouraged to think BIG! Now, I am able to comprehend where I could actually take my business. From a small eguide – I’ve developed an information and support website with loads of goodies.

Really, I had no idea what was instore for me. In just four months my little project jumped three years into the business plan! Káren helped me open to change (even though during the session I only thought – “Big – well, that would be nice”) So now when I meet people who have the potential to “fill my gaps” I don’t just take a number – I take the opportunity straight away. I’ve never done that before. I’ve always played it safe.

Now I’m taking steps to create something really wonderful that gives me the time to care for my family of six and be able to support other mums grow their businesses.

I love Káren’s fresh no nonsense approach. Brilliant. She has an innate ability to really hone in on what your blocks and issues are and how to gently prompt you to consider them.

I never consciously thought I had an issue with thinking BIG – in hindsight I realise I always packed a whole lot in to do first. Káren was able to identify that in a subtle, effective way.

You can feel her warm smile down the phone. She genuinely cares for people. It’s not about making you take on goals and targets. Káren empowers you to make the best of what you have and just get better. It’s like having a terrific conversation with a great girlfriend.

Marina, kidzbizz

I’ve learned about stretching my comfort zone, the craft of writing and letting go of perfectionism in order to grow. I never realised I had so much I wanted to say, and that anyone would want to hear it!

Káren is always thoughtful, considered and gentle in her approach, but that doesn’t mean “soft”. She coaxes qualities out of me by the way she herself models that desirable behaviour.

I’ve loved the opportunities I’ve been given, and the encouragement I’ve received. Thank you.

Angela Esnouf, Creating Order from Chaos
foundation contributor to The Calm Space

emilysegalIn my first session with Káren, I told her that I had lost the thread in my life and business and was flailing about lost and unclear. Just 4 sessions and lots of laser-focused inquiry and homework later, I discovered that my thread was right there all along! I had just been afraid of the evolution it was calling upon me to take, so I dropped it, buried it, and showed up lost in my life. I am not sure I would ever have uncovered this – especially not so quickly – without Káren’s guidance and support!

Working with Káren was like hiring a fan club. I felt so loved and supported right from our first conversation. Then, in the totally safe little bubble she created in each session, I finally felt free to unburden myself of the niggling limiting beliefs I had been shouldering, confident that I would receive nothing but support and understanding.

Káren also posses VERY keen powers of perception. Through her gentle but focused questions I was able to see where I was tripping myself up and clear the hurdles in a very short period of time.

I have no hesitation in recommending Káren as a life coach. She is 100% A+!

Emily Segal, holistic health coach
Triumph Wellness

(Káren) provided me with the motivation to stop my usual routine and take the time to think about the questions being asked and the ideas being shared. I liked that this is something for ME in amongst all the daily stuff for all those I care for.

It was written in Káren’s wonderfully familiar and warm style (unlike other comparatively cold and distant examples of material from other sites, in books, etc.) which encourages the sharing and disclosure we saw…

Sarah Waldin – SarahWaldin.com

I learned a lot about myself, and how important it is to take care of myself. I learned to look in the mirror and say “I love you” and really mean it. To me that says it all. Thank you, Káren.

Patricia Mosier

Thank you for your gentle nudging and feedback. You’re an angel.

Cathy Franck