Grace & Courage


A Personal Intensive for knowing you are possible


I know the feeling of needing to be truly heard.

Of longing for a place to process your thoughts and yourself and be seen…

…with someone who can be gentle and kind, and yet has the experience and insight to hold you to your truth.

I will do that with you. It’s literally my life’s work.

I work with women who are ready to be fully themselves and live life wide awake.

I LOVE this work. I coach from a place of deep experience and radical compassion, yet I will not let you fool yourself or hide. No more of that. You deserve better.

I also know how it feels when you know the only way you’re going to move forward, the only way you’re going to get traction in your life – at a speed you’re comfortable with – is to have someone walk alongside you, machete in hand, carving out the path.

I have been both the explorer and the guide; the lost and the found.

Which is why I am inviting you to work with me to find that place of ease and guidance. That place of grace. To help you find the path again.

You don’t have to do it by yourself.

Of course, the very best way to decide whether this is for you is not reading this and interacting with a screen. It’s by having a conversation or two, together…

Shall we talk? Feel free to set up a phone conversation, now.


In the meantime, if you’re wondering about what other women have experienced in this program…

Here’s what Marina had to say:

“March 1, 2016

Thankyou so much Karen.

I just realised it’s exactly one year since I started working with you.

I made my first sale today. My businesses are starting to take shape and even though I have personal life issues popping up, I am handling them with grace and ease.

Looking back a year ago and all that I have been through in that time, I would have just fallen in a heap, stalling and not being able to move forward. Now I can see how I can manoeuvre through this period with the strategies I have learnt to manage the emotional rollercoaster of the Tsunami of my life in 2015.

You have been brilliant with helping me with this. I didn’t even get sick, because I have a healthier outlook and you taught me to listen to what my body tells me.

When I did injure my back, I listened, I was able to cook a family Xmas lunch for 14 and enjoy the day. I took it slow and steady. Little things didn’t rock me.

I wouldn’t be here, so strong in my future, so resilient to challenges or so optimistic about my life without you. I thank you and my family thanks you.

To have been through eight months of doubt about our living arrangements including six weeks of being without a residence at all, the hurdles that situation created with operating a business, I almost gave up.

But your strategies to look to the future, and mind the small details directly in front of me and most of all to have faith that all will fall into place was invaluable.

My marriage and relationship with my children could have suffered, but the whole way through my relationships got stronger and stronger, even when the business my husband managed had to fold, I was able to hold it all together.

The Energy Clearings, although intangible had an instant and lasting effect, giving me a groundedness and clarity that was at times escaping me.

I was able to set the groundwork to create a life I had never imagined could be real – but it is. It’s happening and it’s wonderful (scary at times) but real. Very real.

I’m happy and satisfied about where I am in life and where I’m heading. I like what I see for my family and future. No, I love it.

I’ve learnt to see the messages in my day to day life and trust them. I no longer react to outside influences, I listen to myself and source. It works.

I learnt to feed my body, my mind and my soul. To accept rest and enjoy the moment. To savour the experiences that come before me. Your whispered messages and card readings set my mind at ease. It’s a wonderful place to be.

I loved the way we communicated, at first I found it difficult to share, but the value revealed itself soon enough. I realised quickly I was getting more from it than I realised. The times I didn’t get an immediate answer were the most revealing, I learnt to stand in my space and own it. Seeing my words, I could see where I was wallowing and where I needed to be strong. You reassuring words and encouragement were insightful and your timing as always is impeccable.

It gave me a safe place to express myself. A place to work out my feelings and direction in life. All the overwhelm and angst has a place and when I sit on the verandah of this magical place I now call home, I think of you when I have a cup of tea and again, thank you. You’ve brought me places I never believed were possible. And I now realise – I’m possible and so are my dreams.

All the best, Marina.

– Marina McHutchison, The Exceptional Nanny

If Marina’s experience sounds like one you want for yourself, please do reach out.


But first, here’s what the Grace & Courage Personal Intensive consists of:

  • Full membership of the Salon
  • A private portal to communicate together – you and me. Here you are invited to write. To journal. To download. To share. To ask questions. To express what’s happening and what you’re currently exploring.
  • In return, I will pop in regularly during office hours to respond. Connect. Hear. See you. And coach you to your own truths.
  • In addition to this daily (or as often as you need) communication, we’ll schedule time together for a Deep Diving Session each month.
  • I will provide you with personal Energy Clearing regularly each week, with additional clearings available when things get sticky.
  • Tools, tips, resources, and gifts will find their way into your inbox and letterbox as needed and as occasional surprises. I love being generous.
I’ll adore you.
I’ll advocate for you.
I’ll tune in to you with my world-famous radar.
And I’ll hold you accountable to your dreams.
All this, and more.

I reserve the right to see what you need and provide it ;)

In return, you commit to a minimum of three months (and preferably twelve) to see solid and amazing results. This isn’t a quick-fix experience – the changes are deeper than that.

Three months of Grace & Courage Personal Intensive – $3000

  • up front $3000 per quarter, or
  • 3 months at $1000, or
  • talk to me – we can work out a payment arrangement to suit you.

I currently have three spaces available. Is one of them yours?