Deep Diving Sessions


An energy clearing is such an amazing way to start (and continue) a session. Rather than focusing on all the things that aren’t working, that stuff has already been cleared away so you’re able to right to the heart of what you really want and the craft a plan from that place of knowing. Káren is gifted energetically and immediately grounds me. She is also wise, firmly but gently pointing out when I’m up to my old tricks. And so very kind. Shining the light on what she sees is possible for me so I can see it too.

– Miki DeVivo, The Lovely Now

A coaching session with a twist.

My darling. You know those times when you’re stuck, spinning, or simply cannot figure out an issue?

I know what it’s like to wish that someone would just tell me what to do already! Even though I know I am the only one who can decide, and I’d probably not listen to solutions from anyone else anyway. But still…

So I started testing a different way of approaching such a place.

It’s a little like mining for precious gemstones.


First, we start with an Energy Clearing.

Energy Clearing means to swoosh away any of your energy that’s gotten stuck – stuckness that’s stopping energy and life from flowing freely through you. Old patterns, other people’s stories, expectations & negativity, ungrounded fears, and resistance can all stop us from seeing our way clearly. I’ve been studying and practicing this system of energy clearing for over two years now, utilising the Chinese five elements system as a foundation. I use a pendulum to assist me with the work, and it works whether you’re in the room or on the other side of the planet. I’ve personally experienced its power. I’ve witnessed its power to change lives.

Completely painless, I clear while I talk you through what’s coming up and invite you deeper into calm and peace. Blockages shift. Past programming and old stories move on.

Once your energy is flowing clearly, that’s when we can really get to the heart of the matter. We sit with what’s coming up, tap into your inner resources and wisdom and find that place in you that knows the answers.

In a Deep Diving Session – with the combination of both energy clearing and coaching – I’ll gently guide you to your own truths and knowing.

You’ll walk away calm, refreshed, focused, and clear on what direction to turn and what action to take.

You won’t just feel better, you’ll know what’s possible and be excited about the path that lies before you.

By phone or Skype. 60 minutes. Powerful seeing.