When you let them mess with your head, they win.

He said they are just trying to mess with your heads.

I said I know. And, we’ve both been trying real hard not to let it mess with our heads. But somedays. You know?

He said yeah. I know. But when you let them mess with your head, they win.


We doubled-down on resisting the messing-with stuff.

The same could be said for grander, bigger, wider issues in the world today.

They are just trying to mess with your head.

If we let them – they win. That’s exactly what they want.

They want us to be messed up.


They want us flaring up in fight-or-flight mode at the slightest little incident or innocent comment.

They want us angry at each other.

They want to tear us apart from the inside out.

When we start sleep-walking through our days, and tossing and turning all night – replaying over and over all the fears and torments… they win.

When we allow them to creep into our breakfast thoughts, and have us clicking link after link looking for all the horribleness, and snapping at our loves because we’re just. so. tired… they win.

We’re better than that. Aren’t we?

We’re strong.

We’re wise.

We’re resilient.

We’re resourceful.

Let’s use that, and stop letting them mess with our heads.

I’m turning to face the light. I’m filling my head with love. I’m opening my arms to grace. I’m not letting them win.

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