Do You Heed The Call?


A quiet. A pause. A morsel of nothingness. A gap in reality.

Silence calls us.

It lures us to be calm, to breathe, to dive a little deeper into what is true and real and achingly beautiful.

And yet, silence scares us. We can be so tempted to rush in. To fill the void. To speak or act.

There’s a power in silence that’s not available elsewhere.

A deep resonance.

When you’re quiet, when you allow the space between to envelope you, that’s when you hear it. The voice of truth. The echo of who you are, beyond all the roles and hats and responsibilities. There, there in that space, you come home to you.

Allow the silence.

Notice what is underneath all that noise and bluster. Notice what longs to be heard.

It is only in the silence that the whispers of the heart are noticed.

Silence awaits.

Do you heed the call?

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