Finding Enough #5: Peace

december 5 Sometimes it feels frivolous to be talking about Christmas and gatherings and ordering turkey and ham for the clan (tick and tick)… sometimes I feel like I should be doing more for peace in this world, for love. In case you have similar thoughts sometimes… This is me, finding Enough Peace… for the […]

Finding Enough #4: Perfectionist?

december 4 I’ve always had a battle with perfectionist tendencies, and never more so than at Christmas. Even writing these to myself, I can tend to obsess the details… and that’s one of the big things I hope to get out of these 31 days. Less perfection, more real – which means less exhaustion, more […]

Finding Enough #3: When in overwhelm

december 3 So today I started to fret about the large amount of things I am adding to my to-do list every day… way more than I am crossing off. Then I realised exactly what I needed to hear. How are you doing Finding Enough… for the holidays and beyond?

Finding Enough #2: It’s Okay

december 2 What I need to hear today. Giving myself permission to be okay, either way, no matter what. What is it you need to hear today, in order to feel enough? This is day 2 Finding Enough‬… for the holidays

Finding Enough… for the holidays

december 1st The first day of summer dawned hot and hazy today. I’ve made a commitment to myself over the last few days to start a project for December. After a year that has been the most emotionally intense I’ve ever experienced (more on that soon), I feel like I need to end 2015 as […]

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Right up until the last minute, I really didn’t want to go. Staying home, for this introvert, is safe and easy. And besides, my daughter wasn’t well. Right up until the last minute I was asking my husband do we have to go? (Even though daughter insisted she was improving and had her brother here […]