When you let them mess with your head, they win.

He said they are just trying to mess with your heads. I said I know. And, we’ve both been trying real hard not to let it mess with our heads. But somedays. You know? He said yeah. I know. But when you let them mess with your head, they win. Ooof. We doubled-down on resisting […]

Do You Heed The Call?

Silence. A quiet. A pause. A morsel of nothingness. A gap in reality. Silence calls us. It lures us to be calm, to breathe, to dive a little deeper into what is true and real and achingly beautiful. And yet, silence scares us. We can be so tempted to rush in. To fill the void. […]

The Spirit of It All…

When I was a child I was obsessed with the whole idea of Christmas. One of my earliest memories was of Mum taking me to the linen cupboard and pulling out a very special pillowslip, one with Santa on his sleigh printed on the front. The pillowslip was placed ever so carefully on the end […]

Your Drug of Choice

When you’re having one of those days, or one of those years… Do you find yourself in the self-help section of your local bookshop, searching, searching for the solution to your woes? Hoping that the book with the answers will jump out off the shelf and go – me! I’m IT! Buy me, and your […]

Serenity. Here and Now. Because there’s no escape.

For the longest time, I used to long for serenity. I’d wish for a time of peace. I’d daydream about calm, untroubled days. I’d imagine a future time when I will remember how to exhale without a big sigh. It wasn’t so much what I wanted to do, as how I wanted to feel. I […]

Sorrow. And deserving. And love. Always, always love.

Beloved, My Facebook feed this morning was full of pain. Somedays, when I log in there, I hold my breath in anticipation of what has happened in the world while I slept. Actually, it’s not so much anticipation, as dread. And this morning, it was louder than ever. It feels like there’s a steam engine […]