I could tell you all about my years in the corporate world.

I could tell you how I earned my stripes and nearly killed my soul.

I could tell you about falling head first off the cliff that was ‘going my own way’ and becoming a Life Coach.

I could write about raising my lovely children into adulthood or about the love of my life and my very best advisor.

We could talk about the programs, classes, and publications I’ve run to support women living in or looking to leave the rat race.

Or about the endless classes I’ve taken and training I’ve done to know myself and you even better.

But in the end, what I really want to talk more about is you.

So what I will tell you is this:

I hold a special place in my heart and soul just for you.

In my life and career, my proudest achievements are the thank-you emails and notes I receive saying ‘thank you for Truly Hearing and Truly Seeing me’.

I could truly care less for professional accolades…Banners-V1-5

…but my heart is melted and warmed when a gorgeous soul like you welcomes me into her life.

Should we work together? Should you choose me as a coach?

On this one simple white page, there’s no one thing I could tell you that would truly tell you if I’m right for you. I much prefer to dive deeper anyway.

So how about we take our conversation off this page?

Let’s get to know each other. Let’s talk to each other directly, by email, and on Facebook.

Whenever you’re ready, darling.






P.S. I’d love to send you twice-monthly Nudges by email…


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