Support. How and when you need it.

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Oh love. Sometimes your soul needs a top up.

Sometimes you need a reminder of your wholeness, or you need permission to let go.

And sometimes, in the daily juggle between making a living and living your life, you need a little bit more.

Here are a few paths and programs to help you get what you need.
salon-980wide-04-980x107Sometimes connecting with a community of thoughtful, kind, kindred souls is the ticket to feeling not so alone, not so odd-woman-out. In fact, it’s the ticket to feeling more included, more supported, more sane.

Bonus: a year’s worth of reminders that you’re doing okay. More than okay.

Sound like what you need?  The doors are now open.

Sometimes, when we’re in the midst of change and uncertainty and wondering about our place in this world, we want someone to walk beside us a while (preferably helping us machete our way through the tangled vines and undergrowth).

That’s what I will do for you and with you in our Deep Diving Sessions.

Sound like the kind of coaching you crave? I’m here for you.


Sometimes you just want to stop feeling like you’re running in circles and start feeling like you’re in charge of your time and your life.

Sometimes? ALL THE TIME.

Let’s get you there. It’s time.


Sometimes you crave the intensive 1:1 experience of working deeply and hand-in-hand with someone who’s been there/ done that.

Pull all the pieces of your life into glorious alignment. Infuse it all with Grace. Fuel it with Courage.

Let’s do that, together.



To truly find out if we’re a coaching fit, you need to get to know me and the way I work… and your free, twice-monthly Nudge can help you do that. (It can also help you move forward!) Are you in?