Is this why you are here?

_DSC7479Hello Darling.

If you’re anything like me then I think I know why you might be here.

So many of us are seeking, searching, spinning around – wanting to know what our purpose is, what we are meant to do with this one life. Where we belong.

You too?

Here’s what I discovered:

We get to choose. Instead of looking everywhere out there for someone to tell us or give us the key or even the map, all we really need is to decide.

The real question we must ask ourselves is not What is my purpose? but Who am I?

Because then we get to decide what and who we are and from there how we are going to affect the world. It’s not a divine secret we somehow have to sell our soul to discover. It never has been. And no one else has that answer.

It’s inside of you. It always has been.

Chances are, you know the answer already.

I might redefine, recreate, reimagine the woman I am in this world, but it’s what I do right now today that’s the thing that drives who I might evolve into some day.

All of my work is designed around this truth; who I am right now is the woman who feels called to do nothing more or less than to bring you back into right relationship with yourself. Look in the mirror darling and fall back in love with the You that I see standing there.

I’m here to heal the stories you’ve been telling yourself about where you’re not okay, where you’re not enough, where you fall short … Infusing your life with grace. So you can be who you are, the woman you want to be.

I know.

That’s exactly how I feel about it too.

Welcome to the brand new – your heart’s home in this hectic world. 

I’m honoured to know you.


Find out more about me here, and when you’re ready there’s Nudges for you here. xx



2 Responses to Is this why you are here?

  1. Tammie June 13, 2016 at 12:10 pm #

    Thanks! I love your beautiful opowerfully affirming words !

    • Káren June 13, 2016 at 12:27 pm #

      Thank you Tammie! You are so welcome. xx

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